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If you have a site pertaining to wildlife and want to be recognized for it with the following plaque on your site. This Plaque will be personalized with your site name on it and a link to your site will be added here on the Official Wildlife Site. Sorry no banners will be placed here just links to your site. Just Place the plaque on your site with a link back to here so others can receive their own plaque for their sites.

Please Note: We also display trappers and hunters pages here as well as long as they are not graphically inclined towards the dead and/or suffering animals. This is a way of life for some people and is recognized as such. We are not here to judge what is right or wrong. However graphic oriented pages of dead or suffering creatures is not what we wish to display on this site. We must also look at what trapping and hunting also does to our animal chain. Sick and diseased animals can cause problems as well as destructive creatures. Property damage, and other causes are created everyday from some creatures.

Now the wolf was a bounted animal for years and hunted in some areas near distinction levels. Thus wildlife managements soon realized what was happening. Rodents and other creatures that the wolf kept under control were running in greater numbers and the wolf transporting became necessary. The animal chain is a thing that only the animals can control. Human intervention can be most destructive, at times. Yellowstone National Park is a good example of this. The wolf was reintroduced there from Canada northlands. Hunting and trapping can also keep other animals in control even though we may disagree with it.

We must also take into consideration that young people will be visiting these site links for school projects and such. They do not need to see this kind of graphic material. However they must realize that this goes on whether we see it or not. Awareness is the key that we are trying to present here. Too many creatures face extinction every year due to man from over trapping an area or over hunting as well. Another problem just as great is over developing an area,which destroys many natural habitats for many animals. These issues are what, must be controlled with limits. Usually it is too late,by the time the authorities realize what is happening. More Biologists,Naturalists, Ornithologists and Conservationists are needed to over see these problems, before it becomes too late.

I have had many people disagreeing with my above statements. However I feel everything above is a true statement. I have seen ponds where bodies of dead bullfrogs have been left behind after their legs were removed. This forced government restrictions on the number of frogs taken in Ontario. I have also removed swans from traps left behind and have whitnessed many poaching events which I have been directly involved with. I have also whitnessed animals left in traps, with thier limbs chewed to the bone, in effort to try and escape. I have apprehended hunters tresspassing on private, posted property.

I have seen old abandoned traps placed on property where no authorization was granted by the landowner. I have seen animals rotting in traps, which have been abandoned. So I speak with experience on these matters.

Now for the creatures facing extinction which has also been questioned. The whooping Crane, and Whistling Swan which flocked areas by the hundreds are now a rare site with only a few numbers left in existance. The reason for their decline is based on field work done by wildlife reaserchers. Many were hunted, and their natural habitat was destroyed by over logging, and over developing an area. The white tailed farret is another creature which has been over trapped in the Ontario North lands. Many were mistaken for the river otter also common in backwood streams. The Passenger Pidgeon is a creature which man should have taken a lesson from. Here is a bird gone forever because it was described as a public menace. It was hunted by the thousands, until the last bird was captured and died in captivity.

The Mountain Gorilla is a dieing specie as well due to poaching and over hunting, for their hands, and other ogans. The white Rhino is another, and the list goes on. The killing of bear cubs in the spring is another brilliant idea, man has created. Soon the bears will be added to the list. They can't reproduce fast enough to replenish their existance.

We know from experience that creatures can be eliminated and once gone they are gone forever.

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